Blockchain can be defied as a shared, immutable ledger for recording transactions, tracking assets and building trust. Blockchain technology is changing the way individuals and companies transact business online.

We provide the following legal services within the Blockchain law


Legal and regulatory compliance

We help clients avoid regulatory violations and mitigate other liability risks through the implementation of comprehensive policies and procedures, effective contract drafting and negotiation, and ongoing advice and representation.

Legal assistance in completing a transaction for the purchase of real estate for crypto currency in Spain

Our Blockchain lawyers take care of the purchasing process with cryptocurrency.

Before the purchase:

  • Signing of the management contract;
  • Contact with the Real Estate Agency;
  • Report preparation;
  • Money laundering prevention. Crypto-Euro conversion;
  • Deposit of euros in a traditional bank;
  • Reporting transactions

During the purchase

  • Accompanying to the Public Notary´s office for signing of the contract;

After the purchase:

  • Offering Crypto tax advice.

Drafting and reviewing smart contracts

A smart contract is a contract executed on a blockchain. Blockchain technology enables the verification of a contract’s proper execution through all participants. A smart contract is built upon the Ethereum blockchain and allows for multiple, specialized programs to run simultaneously. We provide legal advice on smart contract issues including formation, interpretation, review and enforceability.


If you want to sell or mint NFTs, you will need to understand both trademark and copyright law. Your NFT drop will need a proper sales or license agreement so that the NFT buyer knows what they are getting with their digital asset.

We can help you draft, review and negotiate any necessary agreement from sales transactions to marketplace terms and conditions. We provide legal advice on protecting artistic creations through NFTs in order to guarantee their authenticity, as well as the rights acquired in both primary and secondary sales.


Our technology lawyers and own IT experts provide services related to:

• smart contract audit;

• security code review; 

• pentest;

• Blockchain security and development.