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Immigration & Golden Visa

We have an extensive international experience with resolving immigration issues.

INVESTOR VISA (GOLDEN VISA PROGRAM by property investment)

  • The Investment must be made without financing regarding the first 500.000,00 €.
  • The investment can include one or multiple properties and the properties can be rented out.
  • The Golden Visa allows all holders to work anywhere in Spain.
  • Properties can be bought and sold, so long as the investment threshold is maintained.
  • You can include your spouse, children under 18 years old, children over 18 who are economically dependent on you, dependent parents or grandparents in the same application
  • With the Golden visa you can travel the whole Schengen.
  • You just need to visit Spain once during each residency period.


NON-LUCRATIVE VISA(Residence in Spain with no economic purpose)

  • It allows you to stay in Spain for up to a year, then for renewal periods of two years.
  • After living in Spain for five consecutive years, it is possible to apply for permanent residence.
  • It does not give you the right to work legally for a Spanish Company until you are granted permanent residence.
  • Family members may obtain derivative status that allows them to live and attend school in Spain 



as a family member of an European Union citizen

Third country nationals that are family members of an European Union citizen can be granted a residence and work permit that will enable them to live and work in Spain under the same conditions as EU citizens.

Direct relatives, first-degree descendants, first-degree ascendants as well as other relatives are considered as family members in the sense of EU Free Movement Directive. 



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